Diving equipment

A good diving equipment is essential to dive safely and securely.
Diving equipment helps you to breathe underwater, protects your skin, regulate your buoyancy and makes you swim as easily as possible.

All our diving equipment is preventively maintained every year by a certified specialist.

Regulator: Mares Rover 15X with alternative Octupus MV

Console: Suunto SM36 Pressure gauge+ Suunto SM16 Depth gauge & Mares Mission 2 2D Pressure Gauge + Depth Gauge

BCD'S: Mares Prestige MRS Plus + integrated Weights & Mares Rover Pro + Integrated Weights

Wetsuits: Mares Reef 2.5 MM Shorty & Mares Rover 2.5 MM Shorty

Shoes: Mares Equator 2 mm Boots

Fins: Mares Superchannel Open Heels & Cressi Ara Open Heels

Snorkelmask Mares Rover + Snorkel

Dive Computer: Mares Puck & Mares Puck Pro+

Dive Lamp: TOVATEC Sport Tac 2000 met Li-ion battery

Tanks: 12 L , 10 L & 8 L ( DIN & INT )

  • Mares Rover 15x
  • Mares Mv
  • Suunto
  • Mares Dieptemeter
  • Mares Prestige SLS BL
  • Mares Rover Bcd
  • Mares Rover Bcd
  • Mares Reef
  • Mares Superchannel
  • Mares Boots
  • Mares Rover Masker
  • Mares Puck Pro+
  • Mares Puck
    • SSI LOGO Horizontal 207 50
    • SSI LOGO Diamond Center(2)
      • SSI LOGO Horizontal 207 50
      • SSI LOGO Diamond Center(2)