• "Two lovely beautiful dives with a very good guide!"

    Two lovely beautiful dives with a very good guide Robin!
    The divingcentre is very professionall, very kind staff and a good organised guide.
    About a few months I will fly again to Curaçao.

    Definitely I will book a few guided tours with beautful spots by divecentre van der Ven.

    ~ Diana - December 2020 ~

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  • "Great experience! Should be 6 stars!"

    What a great experience!
    I can wholeheartedly recommend Duikcentrum Van de Ven for any diving experience.
    My wife and I started of 1 dive with Gerard and my wife wasn’t totally at ease, but thanks to Gerard she eventually loved it. And.....
    We even completed the entire SSI Open Water Diver course with Gerard.

    Thanks Gerard for being such a great instructor en Angelique for being such a wonderful hostess!

    ~ Robert & Beaudine - September 2020 ~

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  • "Amazing time, definitely coming back"

    My daughter (17) and I (53) both LOVED this.
    I have always wanted to scuba dive and just never did.
    I signed us up for this and we have a great memory for the rest of our lives.
    We had Monique as our instructor and she was perfect.
    She was patient and knowledgeable and really took her time showing us everything we needed to know.
    We learned about the gear needed, how to assemble it all and how it functions.
    Then we were in the water in no time. We spent some time at the beach in shallow water getting used to the breathing, and before you know it we were exploring a sunken ship.
    Neither of us had ever done Scuba before.
    I would recommend this to everyone (if you can swim). And definitely go to this place- there are many.
    They really make it fun, and only go out in small groups.
    It was just my daughter and I and the instructor.
    I could go on and on, but do yourself a favor and book with Duikcentrum- you will be so happy you did.
    And then cross this off the bucket list.

    Thanks again Monique, you have a life long customer when we get back to Curacao!

    ~ Sean & Heather - March 2020 ~
  • "Try Scuba much appreciated"

    I booked a Try Scuba with Duikcentrum Van de Ven and Angelique ‘did’ my tour.
    She took all the time of the world to explain the equipment and technique , as well as the destination , the tug boat near Caracasbaai.
    She really made me feel confident , as it was my first time again since 15 years. T
    he dive went on very well and I enjoyed every minute of it.
    Afterwards Angelique again took plenty time to explain the fish, spunges and corals we had seen.

    All in all a very good memory; thanks to Angelique !

    ~ Peter - Januari 2020 ~

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  • "The best diving in Curaçao, amazing experience"

    I went for two dives with this center this week after obtaining my open water certificate here earlier. Both were amazing experiences, where I’ve seen a wide variety of brilliant marine life.
    It honestly felt like you were swimming in the midst of a Planet Earth episode.
    These guys are really passionate about their craft, and this reflects in them knowing the best diving spots and guiding you in the safest way possible.
    They are also really friendly and accommodating.

    Go here if you value a personal approach with a high regard for safety.
    A+ will definitely return.

    ~ Ronald - Januari 2020 ~

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  • "Again great dive experience!!"

    I lost count of the number of times we came back to this dive school! Reason we come back is simple: it is very safe, very beautiful what we see and very nice people.

    This time again my daughter was hesitant due to ear problems and this great family solves it as a family; one extra dive master joins for a 1:1 dive so my daughter can go safely down without hindering the rest of the team.

    They always dive in small groups.

    There are so many dive schools at Curacao but stop looking just go with Vd Ven!

    Thank you again so much!

    ~ Jan Wouter, Marleen, Lisa & Pieter - December 2020 ~

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  • "Highly recommended!"

    This is a family operated dive center.
    Everyone was very welcoming and accommodating.
    We did 8 days of shore diving and loved it.
    They gave us good recommendations for dive sites, everything was smooth and easy from the beginning to the end.
    We appreciated that they were open all day.

    ~ Valerie, Simon & Dominic - September 2019 ~

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  • "Good Service and very Professional"

    We finished our Referral Open Water Diver course here and it was an amazing experience.
    Gerard (our instructor) made sure we learn how to safely dive, while having a good time.
    He also took us to his favourite place to observe turtle, which was stunning.
    We totally recommend this school, because they have great equipment and service.

    ~ Karla & Daniel - August 2019 ~

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  • "It was a nice experience!"

    It was all arranged very well and everything was clearly explained!
    The instructors took good account of what you could and could not do well.

    ~ Jada & Edwin - August 2019 ~

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  • "Great Scuba Rental Shop!"

    We rented Scuba Gear from this shop for over a week and loved it.
    You can't beat their prices on the island, and the Mares Dive Gear is fantastic.
    The are very friendly, speak English and Dutch, and were more than accommodating with our multiple rentals.

    Highly Recommended!!!!!!

    ~ Richard - Juni 2019 ~

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  • "Best diving of Curacao! Small groups or private guided dives, great diving spots"

    We have done great guided dives & a course with Van de Ven.
    If you are at Curacao and want to do a course of guided dive, we highly recommend van de Ven They take time to explain all, do SSI & PADI courses if you want, all in small groups.
    Explanation is clear and they know many great spots on the island. High quality dives in small groups or private dives, they take the time, and you will spend lot of time under the water!

    If you are a family with teens you can even go diving with the whole family.

    Great fun, an unbeatable experience! Thank you!

    ~ Heleen - May 2019 ~

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  • "Outstanding dive experience in Jan Thiel"

    The Dive Center provided us with a customized and flexible dive plan across four dives.
    Our party included two adults and an 11 year old child.
    The dive master, Angelique, was professional, knowledgeable and patient, offering excellent care to ensure everyone stayed safe but had fun.
    Adding to the positive experience was the fact that the equipment was top notch and the dives were in beautiful but very accessible spots. Top marks overall!

    ~ Amy, Ivan & Luka - March 2019 ~

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  • "Absolutely wonderful!"

    We booked a dive for my husband and I decided to snorkel.
    They were wonderful and set us both up with all the equipment we needed.
    We received great service, quality equipment, and had a fantastic experience all around.

    Would definitely recommend!

    ~ Cindy & Jon - February 2019 ~

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  • "Amazing dive in Curaçao!"

    The Dive Center supplied us with all of our diving gear and also taught us how to use all of the equipment, as we registered for the “Discover Scuba Course”.
    Monique was very patient with teaching us and allowing us to learn and proceed at a comfortable pace in our little group. She showed us a lovely book with all the fish that we could be seeing prior to our excursion.
    We saw a lot of the fish she had previously pointed out and enjoyed the beautiful dive tour that Monique efficiently, safely and patiently lead us through at the Tugboat dive location.

    Initially, there was some miscommunication by the taxi driver that had dropped us off however, Monique & Hans were extremely helpful in ensuring that we made it to the correct destination. Ensure the taxi brings you to the Dive Center in town not the diving location.

    We highly recommend this dive shop if you ever visit Curaçao and want to explore their beautiful waters.
    It was a great way to experience this beautiful island!

    ~ Colin & Jeanette - Februari 2019 ~

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  • "Excellent dive centre near Jan Thiel"

    I completed the SSI open water diver course with Angelique.
    The four dives were in the different locations so I got to see a great range of fish and coral (and we were lucky enough to spot a turtle).

    Angelique explained all the exercises I needed to complete clearly and guided me will throughout the two days.
    She made sure I understood what was required and helped me get the most out of each dive. My wife, who already has her diving ticket, was able to join for one of the dives and could borrow snorkeling gear for free while I completed the other dives.

    Van de Ven is a family run business which takes the time to ensure that the customer has a great experience.

    I wouldn't hesitate to book with them again if I come back to Curacao.

    ~ Paul - Januari 2019 ~

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