Duikcentrum van de Ven _ Curacao


Have you never dived before?
But are you curious about the beautiful underwater world?
The Try Scuba Dive is the way to get acquainted with the underwater world of Curaçao.
Under professional guidance, you will take a look underwater and experience an experience you will never forget.

What does the try scuba dive look like?

Upon entering our dive center you will meet your instructor, and the instructor will guide you during this iTry Scuba Dive.

After you've been introduced, it's time to sort out all the diving equipment and try it on at our SSI Diamond Dive Center.
You will receive from us: Wetsuit, Shoes, Fins, Mask + Snorkel, BCD, Tank, Weights & Regulator.

When all diving materials are appropriate, it is time to explain the basics of diving, so you can completely assemble the diving equipment yourself under the guidance of the instructor.
The dive signs are also explained, as are a number of exercises.

Now it's time to drive to the dive site.
For the introductory dive, you can choose from the Tugboat or the Caracasbaai.
Before you make the dive, it will first be explained in the water how you can clear your mask and find your regulator.
These exercises will help you become more familiar with your equipment and feel more comfortable in the water.

When these exercises have been done, we will slowly start our dive.
First, we will look at the shallow part of the sea and what it is like to breathe underwater, if this goes well we are ready to start our dive.

During the dive, the instructor will make sure you are completely at ease so that you can enjoy your time underwater to the best of your ability.

Because our introduction dives mainly consist of small groups, the instructor has plenty of time to make your dive as pleasant and fun as possible.

After you have gained a unique experience, we come back to the dive center, and there we will discuss the dive again while enjoying coffee/tea or water

.The duration for an introductory dive will be approximately +-3 hours.
Maximum 4 people on 1 instructor!


Capture your underwater memories, perfect for sharing the beautiful underwater world with your friends or family.

Our instructors are in the water for your safety, if the instructor is taking pictures while diving, the emphasis is on taking the pictures and not on the safety of our customers.

During the introductory dive you can choose to hire an extra instructor, this instructor then only focuses on photographing or filming.

Contact us and ask for prices, conditions, and availability.

The photo/video report must be reserved in advance due to additional instructor.


If you enjoyed it so much that you want to take the Open Water course, the Introductory Dive counts as the 1st dive for the Open Water Course.

Get your Open Water diving license for NAF 600,- if you have booked the Introductory Dive with us.



-  From 10 Years


- +- 3 hour


- No certifications are required

- 12 Meter / 39 Feet

-Medical statement must be completed in full and the student must be in good health.

- Read here our cancellation policy.


Try Scuba Diving includes:
- All equipment needed for diving
- All instructions
- 1 Open Water Dive
- Transport diving school to the diving location
- 9% OB

Max 4 people on 1 instructor.

10% Discount on the Introductory Dive for Interns & Locals
On presentation of an Internship Permit / Sedula. *

Try Scuba Diving at the Tugboat & Caracasbaai
( 2 dives on 1 day )

NAF 250,-
$ 145,-


Do you think it would be great to take a dive, but do you find it just too exciting?
Would it help if you could see with your own instructor whether diving is for you?
At Duikcentrum van de Ven you have the opportunity to make the Try Scuba Dive completely private.

All attention for you!

The private Try Scuba Dive includes:
-Private Discover Scuba Diving
- All equipment needed for diving
- All instructions
- 1 Open Water Dive
- Transport the diving school to the diving location
- 9% OB

Try Scuba Diving at the Tugboat & Caracasbaai
( 2 dives on 1 day )

NAF 330,-
$ 190,-

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