Introduction dive with a full face mask (Oceanreef Full Face Mask)

Never dived before? But are you curious about the beautiful underwater world. An introduction dive is the way to get acquainted with the underwater world of Curaçao.
Under professional guidance you take a look underwater and experience an experience that you will never forget.
During this introductory dive you will learn to dive with a full face mask.

Advantages of using a Full Face Mask:
- The mask cannot fog up thanks to the air circulation system, so no more remedies to prevent fogging.
- No more tired or cramped jaw, you have nothing in your mouth.
- You can also breathe through your mouth and nose.

Upon arrival at our dive center you will meet your instructor, the instructor will guide you during this introduction dive.
After you have made the acquaintance, it is time to find out and fit all diving equipment in our Dive Center. You get from us: Oceanreef Full Face Mask, Wetsuit, Shoes, Fins, Mask + Snorkel and a BCD.
When all diving materials are appropriate, it is time to explain the basics of diving, so you can assemble the diving equipment yourself completely under the supervision of the instructor.

Now it's ready to drive to the dive site. Before you start the dive, we will first explain in the water how you can clear your mask and find your machine. Through these exercises you become more familiar with your equipment and you feel more at ease in the water.

When these exercises are done we will start our dive calmly. First we will look in the shallow part of the sea what it is like to breathe under water, if this goes well we are ready to start our dive.

During the dive the instructor makes sure that you are totally at ease so that you can optimally enjoy your time underwater. Because our introduction dives mainly consist of small groups, the instructor has plenty of time to make your dive as pleasant and fun as possible. After this introduction dive you will have a unique experience.
The duration for an introduction dive will be approximately ½ day.

No fixed schedule

We do not work with a fixed schedule, but are happy to look at your or your schedule, if it also fits in our agenda. Because personal attention is very important to us and therefore works in small groups, it is recommended to reserve the Introduction Dives. To reserve the Introduction Dive visit our Contact page.


It is important that the OceanReef Full Face Mask has the right fit. That is why we recommend that you first come to our dive center to make a reservation, and see if the OceanReef Full Face Mask fits the face.


- + 10 Years


- ½ day

Medical statement

- Medical statement must be completed in full and student must have good health.

Discover Scuba Diving with a Full Face Diving Mask

The Introduction Dive includes:
  • - All equipment needed for diving
  • - All instructions
  • - 1 Tank Scuba Dive
  • - Transport diving school to dive location
  • - 9% OB

Introduction dive at the Tugboat





Introduction dive at the Caracas Bay





Introduction dive at Tugboat & Caracas Bay (2 dives)





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