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SSI Diamond Dive Center

Introductory dives, guided dives & small group diving courses for
safety & personal attention

Welcome to Duikcentrum van de Ven, an SSI Diamond Dive Center in Jan Thiel, Curacao

Exceptional Diving Experiences for All Levels

At Duikcentrum van de Ven, we are committed to providing exceptional diving experiences for divers of all levels. Whether you are a beginner or a professional diver, we have something to offer for everyone. Our services include introductory dives, guided tours, SSI courses & specialties, and professional diving courses. No matter your level of experience, we have a wide range of options to suit your needs.

Personal Attention and Safety

Your safety is our top priority at Duikcentrum van de Ven. We ensure that all our instructors are highly trained and experienced, and our equipment is well-maintained. To provide a more intimate and tailored experience, we offer small group dives. This allows us to give personal attention to each diver and ensure a safe and enjoyable diving experience. You can dive with peace of mind, knowing that your safety is in capable hands.

Private Diving Options for an Exclusive Adventure

If you are looking for a more exclusive and personalized diving adventure, we also offer private diving options. Whether you want to explore the stunning underwater world with your family, friends, or even alone, we can arrange a private dive just for you. Experience the beauty of Curacao's underwater world at your own pace, away from the crowds. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of a private dive, tailored to your preferences.

Visit Duikcentrum van de Ven in Jan Thiel, Curacao, and embark on an unforgettable diving experience. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, we have the expertise and options to make your dive truly exceptional. Contact us today to book your diving adventure with us!

Try Scuba Diving Curacao


Discover the thrill of underwater exploration with Try Scuba Dive in Curaçao. Dive in small, intimate groups or opt for a private diving experience to truly immerse yourself in the beauty of the ocean. Our expert instructors will guide you through a memorable adventure, introducing you to the mesmerizing world beneath the surface.

Open Water Course Curacao


Get your first dive certificate with our Open Water Certification course in Curaçao. Dive in small groups with a maximum of 4 people per instructor or opt for a private course. Earn your open water diving certification in the beautiful waters of Curacao with our expert instructors guiding you every step of the way.

Advanced Course Curacao


The Advanced Adventurer Diving Course offers a thrilling experience for diving enthusiasts. With the opportunity to choose from 5 different dives, including the deep dive up to a maximum of 30 meters / 98 feet, this course provides a challenging and rewarding adventure for those looking to take their diving skills to the next level.

Begeleide gidsduiken curacao


Already have your diving license? Dive alongside a professional dive guide, as we offer guided dives at various dive sites in Curaçao. Whether you're looking to explore vibrant reefs, and unique underwater landscapes, or encounter fascinating marine life, our guided dives will ensure a safe and memorable experience for divers of all levels.

Snorkelmateriaal curacao


At our dive shop, you have a wide selection of dive and snorkel masks to choose from, along with lightweight dive shoes and snorkel fins available for purchase. Gear up with top-quality equipment for your underwater adventures and enhance your diving and snorkeling experience with our premium products.

Verhuur duikmateriaal curacao


Already in possession of your diving certificate, eager to explore Curaçao on your own? Rent diving equipment from us at Mares Dive Center and embark on your underwater adventure with confidence.

What our customers say
Maggie Walsh

I was lucky enough to earn my open water diver certification through Duikcentrum Van De Ven. Monique and Angelique showed me an adventure that I will never forget! They offered me personalized attention and took special care to ensure my safety and comfort. I highly recommend this Dive Center to anyone looking to be certified or just check out the wonderous underwater world of Curacao! I found wonderful new friends in Monique and Angelique, and I can't wait to visit them again in the future. Bedankt my friends!

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5 maanden geleden
Devon Eddins

Had the opportunity to complete a couple of SSI specialties during my trip with Monique and it was great! Monique is very knowledgable and thorough with her instruction, so will be super for people really looking to refine their skills and/or advance in their diving goals! We were able to log good dive times and the experience was very relaxed and tailored to the learner's goals.

The shore dives at Carcasbaai and Tugboat were beautiful, water was calm and warm. We also dove at Car Pile/Marie Pampoen, which is a really neat site. We got lucky to see , moray eels, several flamingo tongue snails, a southern sting ray, loads of pistol shrimp, arrow crabs, brittle sea stars, a flying gurnard, and a hawksbill sea turtle in addition to the tons of fish.

Highly recommend if you are looking for a safe and relaxing experience where you can log good dive times at some fantastic sites!

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1 jaar geleden
Liam Greenwell

Excellent dive shop with friendly, knowledgeable people who are there for the love of the sport.

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1 jaar geleden
Will Wallace


I recently was over from the UK for a wedding and decided to get my SSI open water certification with Angelique and couldn't be more happy with it! I did the private training over 2 days and she was a brilliant instructor. Patient, calm, friendly, helpful, everything you'd want from a teacher. They picked me up in the morning from the Jan Thiel neighbourhood on both days and we did 4 great dives, 2 dives each day going to a different spot or route each time, with the test on the second day at lunch. We did all the skills at my pace and there was no pressure at all, which for a skill like diving which could be quite scary for some people, is a big help!

The price was very reasonable especially for what a great time you have and for the price difference doing it private made the most sense to me.

If you're in Curacao and want a safe, friendly, knowledgeable, and great time at a good price, This is the place! no need to look elsewhere!

Thanks again guys!

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2 maanden geleden
Christopher Friesen

My son and I had fabulous shore dives. Lots to see and the reefs and water were awesome. Our dive leader was professional, attentive and would most definitely dive with them again!

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3 maanden geleden