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Barracuda Point, also called Punt'i Piku, is located exactly opposite the channel between Barbara Beach and the Spanish Water. The Spanish Water is a large bay, with several small coves, islands, and harbors, where a number of large houses are located.

This dive includes a drift dive from Barracuda Point to Director's Bay. At the corner of the Spanish Water, the drop-off is located at a depth of 3 meters. A lot of Yellow Finger Coral and large formations of Brain Coral can be found here. The reef slopes down steeply with Star Coral being the usual main reef builder and gradually descends to 15 Meters before descending more steeply.

Large fields of Elk and Hersthoorn coral cover the wide, shallow plateau and offer wide-angle photographers excellent opportunities for beautiful images.

* This dive location cannot be reserved from May 11 to July 1, 2024 *

Before participating in this dive, a check dive would first be made.

- SSI Open Water Diver / PADI Open Water Diver

-Medical statement must be completed in full and the student must be in good health.

- Read our cancellation policy.


The Barracuda Point Guided Dive includes:
- Dive guide or dive instructor
- Transport the diving school to the diving location
- Tank & Weight
- 9% OB

Barracuda Point ( 1 Tank ) Excluding Scuba Dive Equipment

NAF 240,- 
$ 140,-

Barracuda Point ( 1 Tank ) Including Scuba Dive Equipment

NAF 260,-
$ 140,-