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Discover Duikcentrum van de Ven: Your Dutch Family Dive School

Welcome to Duikcentrum van de Ven, a place where passion for diving and family values go hand in hand. Since our establishment on July 20, 2010, Johan and Monique van de Ven, together with their daughter Angelique and son-in-law Gerard, have built this dive center into a renowned name in the diving world. As a true Brabant family-owned business, we not only offer a wide range of diving courses, but we are also known for our personal approach.

Personal Attention and Quality at the Forefront

At Duikcentrum van de Ven, we believe that diving is more than just being underwater. It is an experience that you must live, feel, and enjoy. Our knowledgeable team, with a combined experience of over 70 years and more than 15,000 dives, is ready to share this passion with you. We distinguish ourselves through our personal attention and high-quality instruction, steering clear of the mass-production mentality.

Training and Specializations

Whether you are a beginner or have experience, Duikcentrum van de Ven offers a wide range of SSI diving courses and specializations. Our experienced instructors are happy to help you develop your skills and obtain certifications. From Open Water Diver to Advanced and various specialties, we offer courses that will take your diving adventure to the next level.

Why Choose Duikcentrum van de Ven?

  • Personal attention: We believe in the power of personal attention and tailor our courses to your pace.
  • Expert team: With over 70 years of combined experience, you can be assured of knowledge and expertise.
  • Wide range of courses: From beginners to advanced divers, we offer a variety of diving courses and specializations.
  • Family-owned business: The warmth and dedication of a true Brabant family-owned business.

At Duikcentrum van de Ven, we are committed to making every diving experience unforgettable. We invite you to discover the beauty of the underwater world with our experienced team. Prepare yourself for an adventure you will cherish forever.

Join our Dive Family

Ready to take the plunge and explore the wonders of the underwater world? Duikcentrum van de Ven is here for you. Contact us for more information about our courses and to sign up. Let's dive into the adventure together!

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Also in 2023 Awarded with the Prestigious Tripadvisor Travellers' Choice Award

What Makes Duikcentrum Van de Ven So Special?

Duikcentrum Van de Ven stands out for its dedication to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction. Customers praise the center for its professional instructors, well-maintained equipment, and the beautiful dive sites they visit. The positive experiences that visitors have are reflected in the reviews on Tripadvisor, which has led to the receipt of the Travellers' Choice Award.

Consistent Excellence

Consistently delivering a high-quality service is no small feat. Duikcentrum Van de Ven has proven that it is possible by collecting excellent reviews from satisfied customers year after year. This consistency in quality and service has helped the center become one of the best in the diving industry, as recognized by Tripadvisor.

Read the Reviews on Tripadvisor

To understand why Duikcentrum Van de Ven is highly rated, it is a good idea to read the reviews on Tripadvisor. These reviews provide insight into divers' personal experiences, the quality of the diving courses, and overall satisfaction with the services provided. It is this customer feedback that has helped the center win the Travellers' Choice Award.

SSI Diamond Center Curacao

What is an SSI Diamond Center?

An SSI Diamond Center is a diving center that not only meets the high-quality standards of SSI (Scuba Schools International) but surpasses them. This includes aspects of business management, customer service, educational quality, and environmental awareness. Such a status is a sign of leadership and excellence within the diving industry.

SSI Diamond Center Curacao

Requirements for obtaining the SSI Diamond Status

To be able to bear the title of SSI Diamond Center, a diving center must meet strict requirements. Here are some of the key conditions:

  • Operating at a business location that complies with all local zoning regulations and required permits.
  • Possession of liability insurance.
  • Compliance with government and data protection regulations, insurance requirements, licenses, and labor and tax laws.
  • Regular inspections by SSI to ensure that the center meets or exceeds the standards.

Benefits of being an SSI Diamond Center

Being an SSI Diamond Center offers significant benefits for both the diving center and its customers. For the diving center, it signifies recognition of their hard work and dedication to quality. It strengthens its reputation within the diving community and attracts customers who are seeking a reliable and high-quality diving education.

For divers, choosing an SSI Diamond Center means receiving training from a center that is continuously monitored and meets the highest standards. They can trust that they will receive the best possible education and experience, with a focus on both safety and enjoyment.

Mares Dive Center Curacao

Duikcentrum van de Ven: Your Mares Dive Center

At Duikcentrum van de Ven, supported by the passion and expertise of Johan, Monique, Angelique & Gerard, you can experience the underwater world in a unique way. As proud representatives of Mares diving equipment, our center distinguishes itself by exclusively working with this top brand. This not only makes us unique on the island, but also your first choice for a Mares Dive Center experience.

Why Choose a Mares Dive Center?

Choosing Mares diving equipment is no coincidence. Mares is known for its high-quality and innovative diving gear, which makes every dive safer and more enjoyable. By working exclusively with Mares, Duikcentrum Van de Ven guarantees that every diver, from beginner to professional, has access to the best materials on the market.

Our Services

Diving equipment rental:

Whether you are an experienced diver or just starting out, you can rely on us for the rental of top-quality Mares diving equipment. This ensures you always have a safe and comfortable diving experience.

Maintenance of Mares diving equipment:

Proper maintenance is crucial for the lifespan and performance of your diving gear. Our specialized team offers professional maintenance of Mares diving equipment, so your gear is always in top condition.

Purchase of various Diving & Snorkeling Accessories:

In addition to renting and maintaining diving equipment, we also offer a wide range of diving and snorkeling accessories. From masks to fins, at Duikcentrum van de Ven, you will find everything you need for your underwater adventure.