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The SSI Diver Diamond

What every diver should know

SSI programs provide an underwater experience that brings people together as they learn the value of communication and collaboration, both above and below the surface.
The SSI program is one of the most effectively designed and thoroughly tested dive training systems in the world.
There are four different components to becoming a diver: the right knowledge, skills, equipment, and experience.
We call this the SSI Diver Diamond.


There are certain safety rules that must be learned. You will study the material at home and during interactive review sessions, your SSI Professional will teach you “land value to water value” and how the information learned applies to being underwater.


The best way to learn skills is through continuous practice and correct repetition. The goal is for the core training skills to become second nature.

SSI’s signature water training method to support this goal and to become both competent and comfortable underwater is called ”Comfort through repetition”.


Understanding how to operate the equipment ensures you will enjoy every minute in and under the water.

While the decision to invest in equipment is ultimately yours, our years of training experience have proven that the safest way to become a diver is with your own personally fitted, high-quality equipment set, called a “Total Diving System”.


SSI training develops knowledge and skills, but the only way to get real experience is to go diving frequently.

The more you dive, the more you will enjoy the sport, following the formula: Training + Experience = Comfort.