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Get your Open Water Diver certificate at Duikcentrum van de Ven!

This globally recognized certification is the best way to start your lifelong adventure as a diver.
Personalized training is combined with in-water sessions to ensure you have the skills and experience needed to become truly comfortable underwater.

You too deserve an SSI Open Water Diver certification!

What you can expect during the Open Water Course:

Day 1:

At 08:15 you are expected at our dive center at Caracasbaaiweg 360.

Upon arrival at our dive center you will meet your instructor, and the instructor will guide you during this Open Water Course.
After you have become acquainted, it is time to fill in all papers such as the Medical statement, then we will sort out and fit all diving equipment.
You get from us: Wetsuit, Shoes, Fins, a Mask + Snorkel, and a BCD.
When all diving equipment is appropriate, it is time to explain the basics of diving, so you can assemble the diving equipment yourself under the supervision of the instructor.

Now we are ready to drive to the dive site.
Before you make the dive, you will be explained in the water how to clear your mask and find your regulator.
These exercises will help you become more familiar with your equipment and feel more comfortable in the water.
When these exercises are done, we will slowly start our dive.
First we will see in the shallow part of the sea what it is like to breathe underwater, if this goes well we are ready to start our dive.
After we are done with the dive we drive back to the diving school and there you have a 1 hour break.
After the break we go out in the afternoon to make the 2nd dive.
On the 2nd dive the basic exercises will be taught and you will feel more comfortable in your diving equipment.
After the 2nd dive we go back to the diving school, where you learn to rinse and clean up the diving equipment yourself.
While enjoying FREE coffee/tea or water we will log the first 2 dives in the MYSSI App.

Day 2:

Start the day at 08:15 to make your last two Open Water dives to a maximum depth of 18 Meters!
In the morning you will make the 3rd dive of the Open Water Course including some basic exercises.
After you are done with this dive we will come back to the diving school.
During your break, you have the theoretical exam.
Once the exam has been taken, the instructor will check the questions and discuss them with you.

Now it's time to make the last dive!
Haven't had enough time to do all the exercises during the previous dives?
No problem, during this dive we can do the last exercises followed by a navigation dive!
When we are done with the last dive, we drive back to the diving school to rinse and clean up the diving equipment.

Then we will log the last 2 dives in the DIVESSI App while enjoying FREE Coffee/tea or water.

If the theory exam has been successfully completed together with the 4 open water dives, we can congratulate you on the SSI Open Water Diver certificate!



- From 10 years


- 2 days


- No certifications required

- 18 Meters

-Medical statement must be completed in full and the student must be in good health.

- Read here our cancellation policy.


The SSI Open Water Course includes:
- SSI Open Water Handbook including Videos
- Online Logbook
- Online training at www.Divessi.com or DiveSSI APP
- All equipment needed for diving
- All instructions
- Transport diving school to the diving location
- 4 Confined Water Dives + Open Water Dives
- The Digital SSI Open Water Diver Certification
- 9% OB

After passing the SSI Open Water Course 10% discount on one guided dive.*

SSI Open Water Diver

NAF 730,-
$ 420,-